What is Coaching?

Coaching helps you make positive changes in your life. For most people it begins with exploring what those changes will be – looking at your aspirations for the future and your motivations. It provides help with goal setting and planning so that you prioritize what to pursue first. There are a thousand things you COULD do. Where do you start?

In this way coaching is a form of change facilitation. It’s like having a conversation with yourself but with a moderator to keep you focused and ask tough questions along the way.

Coaching helps YOU find the answers, rather than telling you what you ‘must’ do. You grow stronger and more capable when you practice weighing your options and making your own choices.

How is Coaching different from a motivational book, seminar, or self-help workshop?

Coaching is very individual, unlike a workshop, course, or self-help book. It’s like having the author tell you exactly which chapter would be best for you to read next, without wasting your time on all the fluff in between.

Motivational tools usually offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Ask yourself: What kind of consistent results have you experienced following the books, workshops and seminars that you have encountered so far?

What I dislike about cookie cutter approaches is that when they don’t work, you walk away feeling there is something wrong with you – that you are deficient or lazy. I don’t believe that. I think those solutions just were not suited for you. But how long do you want to continue the ‘trial and error’ method hoping you will find an approach that DOES work for you?

Coaching is highly personalized. It is flexible and responsive to you and your specific situation. From the very beginning it is completely tailored to work for you, and I’m dedicated to helping you get results. I modify my approach as we work together, introducing new tools and concepts as you transition and grow.

With your plan of action in place, I provide feedback and accountability along the way. You will likely be taking on new challenges, attempting things you have not tried before. There will choices to make along the way, and when you feel like giving up I’m going to have you ask yourself if that’s really what you intended when we began. I provide motivation, but in a way that trains you to begin motivating yourself. Rather than just tackling your to-do list with the same mindset you’ve always had, with coaching you grow and change.

What makes the “Game Within the Game” approach different?

I have combined the principals of sports psychology and life coaching to yield methods that most people can relate to and readily put into action. My “Game Within the Game” strategies will help you to enhance your performance allowing you to think, act and be a champion. It focuses on:

  1. Attitude (Beliefs)
  2. Focus (Wants)
  3. Desire (Passion)
  4. Goals (Small steps each day, consistent effort)
  5. Choice and action
  6. Persistence (learning, challenges and opportunities)
  7. NOW (present)

The real difference I suppose is the one-on-one interaction to help clients apply the principals and design a personal game plan that will improve their lives and help them live with a sense of purpose.

Getting what you want out of life isn’t about how smart, wealthy or lucky you are. It’s about mastering the skills and mindset that separate the average person from a champion. These skills can be learned, but most importantly you must put them into practice to create a new habit. Book knowledge alone won’t cut it.

What results can I expect?

The measurable results will depend on what goals you set, but coaching is the most efficient way to make positive changes in your life.

First, you will become much better at deciding what you want and setting goals.

However, coaching is experiential rather than conceptual. It’s not just about ‘setting’ goals, but ‘getting’ goals. Yes, you’ll read and discuss some ideas, but then you take action, and I’m here to help you evaluate and adjust your approach along the way.

One of the long-lasting results is that you will gain a better understanding of yourself – what motivates you and what methods work best when you want to accomplish something important. You’ll be very excited about what you learn and begin to accomplish on your own, which is why you can expect a big boost in your self esteem along the way. That’s why I liken it to the mindset of a Champion.

How do I know if Coaching is right for me?

Coaching is not for everyone. Honestly, unless you are ready to do some work and make some changes, you may as well read another book about time management or positive thinking.

But don’t be fooled – even though you hear me talk about hard work and accountability, the coaching relationship is one of support, openness, acceptance and non-judgment. Most of us have become so good at judging ourselves that we don’t need to pay someone else to jump on the bandwagon. I’m here to help you focus on possibilities and STOP the self criticism (whenever it’s unproductive, which is most of the time). We move at your pace, working on the goals you choose.

Most importantly, I offer a no-obligation initial session. It’s important for both of us to feel that there is a good fit, and this free consultation lets both of us determine that, while you get to experience the coaching dynamic first-hand.

So I guess the short answer to the question is “You won’t know until you try, but I make it easy.” You have nothing to lose other than the habits that have been working against you up until now.

Why should I hire you?

Clients hire me because I am completely focused. Distractions don’t bother me and I’m trained to help you do the same thing – maintain your focus and break the cycle of procrastinating or any pattern of not finishing what you start.

Secondly, I’ve done what I teach. I didn’t start off as a super-performer, goal-setting guru, or star athlete. I had to work at these things, so I understand what it’s like to attempt, fail, and get back up. I started off as an average woman raising a family, with the difference being that I went on to study the pros and learn their inner game strategies. I apply those to my life, sport and business. Women tend to relate to me because of that, while men like the fact I understand performance, sports, and competition.

One person likened it to hiring a fitness trainer who used to be fat before slimming down. You can be sure that person knows what it’s like to struggle with their weight, unlike a model-thin trainer who has never done more than ‘pinch an inch’. You want someone who’s been there and done what you are attempting to accomplish.

I didn’t always understand the “Champion Mindset”, and I used to be negative. But now I get it, and have shifted my entire outlook from negative to positive. That’s why I’m excited about helping others do the same.