For anyone seeking guidance with a life change, whether it is in career, sports, health, or personal life, Heidi’s program will help you get started to discover your unique path and future vision.
Rather than just hoping for change, learn how to take a more active role in making your dreams come true.”
Laura B.

Heidi’s insights, intuition, and observations have really brought me to a new level in my personal direction and aims in life. She points out connections that I’m too close to see myself.
Now I’m able to hear that “voice within” for myself, and I’m more focused on living in a way that acknowledges and reflects who I am. Heidi is easy to talk to and a caring listener. She knows just when to challenge me or gently nudge me while providing encouragement every step of the way.”
Amy W.
Philadelphia, PA

I would like to express to you how much I benefited from and loved being part of the winter “Goal Group.” Thank you for helping me reach my weight loss goals and providing me with the direction to get on track and stay on track.
Your workshops are well organized, you keep us all focused and help us all work through our stumbling blocks. Also, thank you for those timely emails of encouragement between our weekly sessions. You are a terrific coach!”
Robin H.
Katonah, NY

When I was first referred to Heidi’s workshop ”Emerge” I was unsure if life coaching was for me, as even what it was all about. I felt embarrassed about my lack of direction, and was unsure of myself.
Well, it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had! Upon meeting Heidi, I felt an immediate connection, because she really walks her talk. She motivates in an enthusiastic and positive way.
Now I have a renewed sense of confidence and determination which has lasted! Heidi’s keen 6th sense for working with people makes her an excellent coach. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to become, and always be, a Champion!”
Ellen H.
Stamford, CT

I’ve become a much more confident person. It has really helped to improve my performance in practice, games and school.
Once you become aware of the importance of having a strong mental game and work towards achieving it, you’ll see a huge difference in your performance. I know I did.”
High School Softball Player
Chappaqua, NY

I just finished the four-session ‘New You’ Bootcamp led by Heidi and can’t help feeling that it literally changed my life.
This course was a great introduction to the positive power of coaching and also a terrific kick-start to making the most of the rest of my life.”
Laura K.
Mount Kisco, NY

Two years after meeting Heidi, I am a different person. My vertigo is long gone and the resulting anxiety is gone as well.
Heidi’s ability to listen and her encouragement to find my own answers was just what I needed. Now continuing to improve myself, I am in a new place, looking to make real changes and willing to take the challenge.”
Nancy H.

I came to Heidi to get help on discovering my “it”. I felt like there was more to life than my being a mother and working part-time, but what? With Heidi’s help and guidance, I discovered what was truly important to me. She assigned me homework which deepened my own learning and brought me to discover my calling.
I am enjoying my new career, looking at life much differently and living with a feeling of joy and fulfillment, instead of lost and aimless.”
Travel Agent
Feng Shui Consultant

In a short time, working with Heidi has been more helpful and productive than any of the books I have read on positive thinking, self-improvement, etc.
Heidi produces insights and results that you don’t get from reading a book. Heidi keeps me honest and keeps me motivated. She is a good listener, offers insightful feedback and motivates without pressure.”
Rich M.
Katonah, NY

Heidi’s listening skills impress me. Her questions are smart, direct and powerful. They make me think hard about what I really want.
Her feedback is honest and intelligent. She is also the first person to remind me of my strengths and my values on a regular basis. I appreciate the clarity and perspective that Heidi brings to the whole coaching process.”
Andree Duhaime
Chappaqua, NY

I never thought about my mental game until I met you. Now I am so much more focused and confident. I no longer think, ‘I hope I don’t mess up.’ Instead, I know I can make the play.
Thanks for helping me take my game to another level.”
High School Softball Player
Yorktown, NY