Sports Performance

It doesn’t matter if you view your sport as a hobby, you play school athletics, or enter national competitions. If that voice is telling you to take your game to the next level, and you are already performing well physically, it’s time to address the mental aspect, or what I call the Game Within the Game(TM).  

Heidi Michaels – Sports Performance Coach
For most athletes, the mental muscle is often the last thing that we train, when all of our physical efforts have taken us as far as we can go. That’s when we start to recognize the impact of the inner game – lack of confidence, performance anxiety, fear of failure, a sudden loss of motivation or focus – things that will completely derail us. At the very least, they keep us from training like we know we could.
That’s how it was for me as I was preparing for competition. In fact the mental aspect kept me out of my first triathlon – I had to confront my phobia of water arising from a jellyfish attack and numerous bad water experiences in my youth. That’s when I discovered that all the training in the world may not necessarily prepare you for the act of competing. It’s how I developed Champion Mindset Coaching, and it has greatly benefited runners, triathletes, and those playing tennis, softball, baseball, and team sports.

Why Mental Game Coaching for Athletes is Different

Addressing the Game Within the Game(TM) through Champion Mindset Coaching is different than having a personal trainer or sports coach. Those individuals may focus on strength, endurance and workout routines, but I’m going to help you sharpen your mind in three distinct areas: training, competition and life.

  • TRAINING. The first aspect we look at is what’s currently working in your mental game and what’s not. Then we determine very clearly where you want to take your performance and we’ll set specific goals around that. Finally, we focus on strengthening your mental game, using methods and tools to improve your confidence and focus so that you can overcome obstacles you encounter.
  • COMPETITION. The other area is your mental state while you are competing. Once you enter a competition, all of your training is history. The biggest factor you can affect at that point becomes your mental game, allowing you to stay focused on the “right stuff”, let go of errors, and perform ready, relaxed and confident. That’s what turns a competitor into a Champion, and is where the Game Within the Game excels.
  • LIFE: Equally important to training and competition is how to apply the Game Within the Game (TM) skills to your life. Being mentally strong off the field, having a clear direction, a balance between sports and all other aspects of life. Whether preparing for a competition, an exam or a major presentation, my Game Within the Game(TM) skills will allow you to perform your best on and off the field.