Why Coaching?

Would you like to take your life from ordinary to extra-ordinary? Are you ready to experience more balance, fulfillment, and accomplishment?
If it sometimes feels like you have lost direction or confidence in your life, sports or business, then you’ve come to the right place! I help clients reconnect with their aspirations and regain the energy and enthusiasm they have been missing.

Don’t Worry if You Don’t Have All the Answers.

In my experience, some clients have a very clear idea of what they want to accomplish. That’s fine – it allows us to move quickly to setting realistic goals and creating accountability to achieve them.
However, many clients initially feel unprepared for coaching, even embarrassed that they don’t have more certainty about what they want to accomplish. Well, don’t let that be you! That’s like avoiding the eye doctor because you can’t read the eye chart – it’s exactly why you should go!
The fact is that most of us get stuck at some point in our life. We do our best along the way, but then find we could use an outside perspective to help gain clarity on where to go next, or a good sounding board for our ideas.
The reason you hire me as your coach is because I am experienced in very effective methods that will quickly help you gain perspective and get you “unstuck” and moving forward to attaining your goals.
Naturally, we’ll move at your own pace. But if you’re wondering about when to get started, the question is, “How long do you want to stay stuck?” When do you want to reclaim that great sensation of making progress and knowing that you are moving ahead in life, enjoying yourself and making a difference in all that you do?
If you’re ready to make a shift in your life, then the answer is probably “Now’s the Time!℠” You see, in sports we focus on the NOW… and in life, NOW is the only thing that matters – not the past, not the future. You’ve likely come to the realization that life is short, so why put off what you most desire just because you may be a little uncertain or even afraid? That’s exactly what I’m here to help you overcome.
If you’re not sure, I encourage you to contact me and discuss your situation. It will help you experience coaching first hand before making a decision, and there’s no obligation on your part.

note_tailoredTogether we will discover who you are, what’s possible for you and create a more positive mindset focused on your personal values and strengths, not limitations.

Coaching is customized and responsive to you and your specific situation. I modify my approach as we work together, adjusting as you transition and grow.

One of the central outcomes is that you will gain a better understanding of yourself – what’s important to you, what motivates you and what methods work best when you want to accomplish something important. It’s very individual. You’ll be very excited about what you learn and begin to accomplish on your own, which is why you can expect a big boost in your self esteem along the way. That’s why I liken it to the mindset of a Champion.


A coach is not a therapist. Psychotherapy or counseling generally focuses on behavior or states of mind that you wish to change. Therapy looks to the past as a means to understand your motivational patterns for clues on how to correct them.

Coaching makes no assumption that you need to be ‘fixed’. We look to the potential of the future, focusing on where you want to go, creating a clear vision, and setting a plan on how to get there. I help you determine ways in which you are capable of accomplishing your goals, rather than looking at ways in which you are deficient.

A coach is not your boss, instructor or a consultant. A boss tells you what you should do next. An instructor educates you on the ‘right’ way to do something. A consultant is a little gentler, advising you on a course of action. He or she essentially delivers a plan and lets you implement the plan.

Through coaching I help you find your own answers. You will never hear me telling you what you ‘must’ do. You grow stronger and more capable when you practice weighing your options and making your own choices. I also provide expert guidance to examine why you DON’T follow through on your plans, because that’s going to happen sometimes. Over time I help you learn how to set realistic goals and accomplish them more easily in the future.

Now’s The Time™

Heidi Michaels – Now’s the Time!

There’s a reason why you are considering getting a coach. Either you want to figure out what’s next for you, eliminate something that’s getting in your way, or your want to uncover your passion and discover what you are capable of.

When do you want to do that?

I hope that today is the day that you stop putting yourself off until tomorrow. Now’s the time to take one small step towards the person you can become, towards your biggest dreams. I provide the accountability, the support, motivation, and the encouragement for you to take the small steps to create your momentum in living like a champion.

Take a moment now and contact me to discuss your present situation and where you would like to go. It allows you to experience “Champion Mindset” coaching first hand for yourself, and there’s no obligation. The only thing you have to lose is the way everything has been up until now.